Christoph Waltz as a Villain in TARZAN ?

Best Supporting Actor Christoph Waltz accepts the trophy onstage. —Photo by AFP

Christoph Waltz as a Villain in TARZAN ?

Warner Bros. wants Christoph Waltz to play the villain in their live-action adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ classic Tarzan series.

Waltz would play “a military figure that crosses paths with the King of the Jungle.”

Director David Yates is developing the project, and according to the report, True Blood star Alexander Skarsgard is still attached to play the title character.

For Jane Warner Bros. is looking to cast Margot Robbie or Emma Stone.

Skarsgard will play John Clayton III, “known around the world as the famous ‘ape man’ Tarzan. Years after he’s re-assimilated into society, he’s asked by Queen Victoria to investigate the goings-on in the Congo. Tarzan teams with an ex-mercenary named George Washington Williams to save the Congo from a fierce warlord who controls a massive diamond mine.”


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