Christopher Lloyd is Ready For BACK TO THE FUTURE PART IV But Robert Zemeckis Says It’ll Never Happen

Christopher Lloyd

The Back To The Future trilogy is just perfect. I don’t think there never needs to be a reboot or even a sequel. But, if the right story presented itself, Christopher Lloyd, who plays Doc Brown in the film, says he’d be totally up for it!

While talking to Phoenix New Times, the actor was asked if he’d be a part of a sequel if it happened and this was his response:

“I’d be delighted. I’d love to be in a fourth film, if they could come up with the right idea that extends the story and does it as well as the first three.

It’s important if Bob Zemeckis and Bob Gale are excited about doing another episode. I think, really, the most important thing is if they can come up with the right idea. I think that’s the challenge is to come up with something that really is as good as the originals. I suppose it could happen. I have not heard that they’re looking for that, if they’ve made up their minds… ‘hey, here’s something we could do,’ and they believed in it then they might get going to do it.”

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Lloyd goes on to say that he thinks a sequel or a reboot is always possible:

“I would say that it’s always possible. If they get the right script together that really could work. They don’t want to do something that’s going to come across as [disappointing]. You know sometimes sequels don’t live up the originals and it’s disappointing, and I know they don’t want that to happen. But I don’t know of any plans at the moment for them to do that.”

You know who doesn’t think a sequel possible? Franchise director Robert Zemeckis! In another interview with Bad Taste, the director was very clear saying:

“There will never, ever be, in the most absolutely way, a Back to the Future 4. There will be no more Back to the Future.”

This isn’t the first time that Zemeckis has said this. He’s always hated the idea of a Back to the Future sequel or reboot. He previously said:

“That can’t happen until both Bob and I are dead. And then I’m sure they’ll do it, unless there’s a way our estates can stop it.

I mean, to me, that’s outrageous. Especially since it’s a good movie. It’s like saying ‘Let’s remake Citizen Kane. Who are we going to get to play Kane?’ What folly, what insanity is that? Why would anyone do that?”

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