Christopher Nolan Talked About Movie Theaters and Why We Need To Keep Them Alive and Kicking

Christopher Nolan

We are currently living in quarantine, a world with a virus pandemic that many of us never thought can happen to this modern world and tech and everything. It’s strange, scary, and a lot of us are feeling unsure. We don’t know what the future will bring us.

One of the significant effects of this coronavirus is seeing thousands of movie theaters be closed all over the world. Going to the movie theater to watch movies is one of my favorite things to do with my GF.

Anyway, I can’t wait for the day for movie theaters to start the normal operations and so I can go back to my happy place. It’s going to be a joyous occasion that I can’t wait to feast. We have no idea when that will happen, but one day, hopefully, cinemas will reopen and when they do, we need to be there to support them!

Director Christopher Nolan recently wrote an essay for The Washington Post in which he talks about the significance of movie theater and the need to support them to keep them active. Nolan calls movie theaters a “vital part of social life” that not only provides entertainment but also provides jobs for many people.

“As Congress considers applications for assistance from all sorts of affected businesses, I hope that people are seeing our exhibition community for what it really is: a vital part of social life. These are places of joyful mingling where workers serve up stories and treats to the crowds that come to enjoy an evening out with friends and family. As a filmmaker, my work can never be complete without those workers and the audiences they welcome.”

He added:

“When people think about movies, their minds first go to the stars, the studios, the glamour. But the movie business is about everybody: the people working the concession stands, running the equipment, taking tickets, booking movies, selling advertising and cleaning bathrooms in local theaters. Regular people, many paid hourly wages rather than a salary, earn a living running the most affordable and democratic of our community gathering places.”

As you may have heard, movie theater owners around the country are hoping that Congress takes emergency measures to give financial relief for the industry. The National Association of Theatre Owners is asking for loans to help cover costs while no tickets are being sold and for tax benefits to give support to employees. Nolan goes on to say:

“In uncertain times, there is no more comforting thought than that we’re all in this together, something the moviegoing experience has been reinforcing for generations. In addition to the help theater employees need from the government, the theatrical exhibition community needs strategic and forward-thinking partnership from the studios.”

Nolan makes amazing points here and I agree with them. I’m sure that the movie theaters and those people employees by them also appreciate his words of encouragement. With so many films now being released on VOD, a lot of people are questioning if that will be the future of movies. I personally don’t think so. I think the future will still be with movie theaters, they will never be fully closed or replaced by anything else. Nolan says:

“When this crisis passes, the need for collective human engagement, the need to live and love and laugh and cry together, will be more powerful than ever. The combination of that pent-up demand and the promise of new movies could boost local economies and contribute billions to our national economy. We don’t just owe it to the 150,000 workers of this great American industry to include them in those we help, we owe it to ourselves. We need what movies can offer us.”

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