Christopher Reeve’s Superman Suit Has Set a New Auction Record

Christopher Reeve's Superman Suit

Some items of movie memorabilia are so popular in American pop-culture that anyone would recognize them, and have a huge value among fans. One of those items is Superman’s cape that was worn by the famous Christopher Reeve in the 1978 iconic movie Superman.

The cape was up for auction at this past weekend at the Julien’s Auctions year-end Icons & Idols event. Not only did the cape got sold, but it set a record! Read the press release (via CB) that accompanied the sale:

“One of the most recognized superhero costume pieces of all time – an original cape worn by Christopher Reeve in his iconic role as the Man of Steel in Superman (Warner Bros., 1978) – soared at today’s auction, selling for $193,750 and setting a new world record as the most expensive superhero cape sold at auction. The famous cape made its only second auction appearance today after 40 years and was part of a world-wide contest to promote the movie’s release in 1979 with the grand prize being one of the six original capes made for and used in the film. The item’s provenance included a letter from DC Comics’ President as well as the Editor and Publisher and a copy of a photo of Christopher Reeve choosing the winner and more.”

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