Christopher Walken is Fighting Monsanto in Trailer For PERCY VS. GOLIATH

Christopher Walken

Saban Films has unveiled a new trailer for its upcoming movie Percy Vs. Goliath. Christopher Walken is starring in the movie as a small-town farmer who ends up fighting Monsanto, one of the largest agricultural and food production corporations in the world.

Percy Vs. Goliath also stars Zach Braff and Christina Ricci.

“a small-town farmer taking on one of the largest agricultural and food manufacturing corporations. Percy Schmeiser (Walken), a third-generation farmer, is sued by a corporate giant for allegedly using their patented seeds. With little resources to fight the giant legal battle, Percy joins forces with up-and-coming attorney Jackson Weaver (Braff) and environmental activist Rebecca Salcau (Ricci) to fight one of the most monumental cases all the way up to the Supreme Court.”

The movie looks amazing and it will be a pleasure watching him again playing a strong character in a new movie which is based on a true story.

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