Chuck Norris: Reasons Why He is Amazing

Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris has become an icon that embodies all things that define masculinity. Not in the way of build, but more of the attitude he depicts and the sense of justice he plays. He fits the role of your hero or the worst villain possible to come across. He has the aura, the acting chops, and the martial arts that would back him up to be all he can be.

For those reasons alone, he is considered as one of the best action stars out there even to this date. Not to mention his iconic lines that are smeared into every man’s soul with or without them knowing it. Let’s dive more into some fantastic facts about why he is idolized by millions even after he retired from acting.


He loves the jokes made about him.

Chuck Norris gained even more fame due to the internet. Yes, by making fun of himself with the jokes told about him to the degree that it gets so insane that he would laugh it all off and pretend that it would all be right. That’s just the kind of guy he is, and the internet loves making jokes about him over his machismo. 

Jokes about Chuck Norris have turned into Chuck Norris facts as more and more people tend to believe that he is capable of pushing the Earth down as he does push-ups. That’s something no mere mortal can do except for Chuck Norris. 


People agree that he is unkillable.

Another running joke that’s been trending on the internet about Chuck Norris is that he can’t die. He just can’t; even death would cower at the mere presence of Chuck Norris’ manliness and think to himself to stay away entirely and leave him be. Of course, it’s just a joke, but Chuck Norris seems to agree with the notion that he can’t be killed. 


Two icons met for the first time in a cult classic.

Chuck Norris has had movies with the legendary Bruce Lee, but did you know where they first met? They met during the film The Green Hornet and have been best buds ever since. The reason for their closeness was because of their take on life, philosophies, and of course, love for martial arts. 


He loves the small screen.

Besides the big screen blockbuster movies, he loves working on the small screen as well. Minor roles or even commercial ads are all within the scope of the mighty Chuck Norris. As for his eyes, all that he can see is his domain. As for the shows that he acted in, he also took part as a writer to further cement the roles and make it more natural for the talented actor.

Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris has his brand of water.

If you’re not aware of this, then you are now. He has his brand of water called CForce water. The actor said that this particular water fuels his high-powered energy, and if you consume it as well, you will get that same burst of energy. A recommendation from the actor himself? That’s a win of itself already!


Chuck Norris also has his brand of jeans.

Talking about brands, water isn’t the only thing he is conquering, but the fashion world! He has his specially-designed brand of jeans. Perfect for busting bad guys and owning the streets. The talented man designed it himself every time he would be in a fight scene. Talk about multi-talented. 


He created his martial arts.

Chun Kuk Do was established by Chuck Norris back in 1990. It’s a mixture of traditional Taekwondo, Moo Duk Kwan, and Tang Soo Do combine to make Chun Kuk Do the way it is now. The translation in Korean to English bravely states to “The Universal Way.” 

Inline with Chun Kuk Do, he was able to establish about 32 martial arts schools across the globe. He even became a teacher to people who would become famous themselves, such as Steve McQueen, who later became one of the sought-after action stars of his time before his unfortunate passing.

Chuck Norris


There are so many things that make Chuck Norris great that it would be impossible to fit in one lifetime. Jokes aside, he is an amazing actor who has used his success in several ways that would make stars envy what he does with his money. From screenwriting, acting, being an avid supporter of Make a Wish Foundation, you name it.

He would be the type of person that you would want to aspire to be. Sure he made mistakes in the past, but the good things amount to something more, and the people idolize him for that. He takes things seriously when it comes to his passion and character, but makes light of things that don’t bother him like his sudden rise to internet meme stardom. That’s a fantastic guy. 


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