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When you watch a movie, you see some of the special effects that tend to take you inside the screen. From zooming at just the right moment to variations of color that take you back to another time and place, there are numerous cinematography techniques that Hollywood uses to give viewers a better movie experience. There are some techniques that are only used by certain producers and some that are handed down from one generation to another, but each year seems to bring about new techniques that are used to make movies seem as real as possible. Here are just some of the techniques that might have captivated your attention.

Trombone Shot

This is a classic technique that is used to give an altered visual effect in certain parts of the movie. This approach is often used so that the viewer has a sense of paranoia while watching scenes. “Jaws” and “Vertigo” are two movies that are famous for using the trombone shot. It’s also a technique for horrific revelations that you might not know about until the action takes place. The camera zooms in on a certain area of the body, usually with suspenseful music in the background.

Color Grading

Color grading is a technique that is used to enhance the colors in a film with special software like Color Grading Central has. It’s often used with outdoor shots when enhanced colors are needed to give details to the people who are present or the background images that need to be brought out in the film. The technique is often used with blues and greens so that they blend well with the natural colors of skin and other items in the scene. “Fight Club” is a movie that uses color grading in some of the car scenes.

Trunk Angles

When you see trunk shots and scenes that look like they were filmed while someone was on the ground, then the low angle shot was used. “Tarantino” is a perfect example of how this shot is used. The scene goes from someone opening a trunk to you getting a view from the inside of the trunk. It adds a bit of suspense as you don’t know what to expect.

Whip Pan

This is a technique used to give suspense and fast action. You’ll usually see it in one fluid movement from one point to another. It’s often used when the scene involves panning from one person quickly to another person. The “Saw” series uses this technique in several scenes.

Watching a movie would be boring without some of the cinematography that is used. From enhancing colors to zooming in and out at just the right time, there are several ways that producers and editors use techniques that bring you into the film. These techniques are used in every genre from fairy tales to horror classics.

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