CIVILIZATION VI Gets New Leaders with the Leader Pass DLC


Firaxis Games and 2K Games just announced a new DLC set coming for Civilization VI. The new Leader Pass comes with 12 brand-new leaders to the game plus six new takes on presently available included leaders. The new content will be available for iOS, Mac, and PC (via Steam and Epic) as the leaders are released in groups of three. Any PC player who has bought the Civilization VI Anthology or has bought all of the included content individually will receive the Leader Pass for free. Mac and iOS users will have to make an individual purchase and PC players who haven’t bought all earlier content will have the opportunity to buy the Leader Pass separately.

We don’t know very much about the new leaders and new takes on leaders, but we do know that each leader “will arrive with a suite of surprising new or updated abilities alongside inventive new agendas that’ll change the way you play when pursuing world domination.” The Leader Pass will release between November 21 and March 2023. Please note that some leaders need other DLC and expansions, those leaders have been marked with an asterisk (*).

Pack 1: Great Negotiators

  • Abraham Lincoln (United States)

  • Queen Mbande Nzinga (Kongo)

  • Sultan Saladin (Arabia)

Pack 2: Great Commanders

  • Tokugawa (Japan)

  • Nader Shah (Persia)*

  • Suleiman the Magnificent (Ottoman Empire)*

Pack 3: Rulers of China

  • Yongle (China)

  • Qin Shi Huang the Unifier (China)

  • Wu Zetian (China)

Pack 4: Rulers of Sahara

  • Ramses (Egypt)

  • Ptolemaic Cleopatra (Egypt)

  • King Sundiata Keita (Mali)*

Pack 5: Great Builders

  • Theodora (Byzantines)*

  • Sejong (Korea)*

  • Ludwig II (Germany)

Pack 6: Rulers of England

  • Elizabeth I (England)

  • Varangian Harald Hardrada (Norway)

  • Victoria – Age of Steam (England)

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