Cleanup Your Splash Pad Before The Season Begins: Tips

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As summer draws to a close, let’s make the most of it in Texas! In the event your splash pad has sat unused for months due to lockdown, it may require some maintenance to make it ready for use again. Cleanliness has always been an important topic for aquatic facility operators and supervisors. Taking care of maintenance can be costly, so addressing safety concerns immediately will prevent them from becoming long-term problems. Ensure that you use the right cleaners for any aquatic surface and that a regular maintenance schedule will reduce costs and enhance the guest experience. Using our proprietary cleaners, we ensure that our floors are properly maintained. There are peroxide cleaners, degreasers, and removers of mineral deposits on surfaces. With the use of all three cleaners regularly, you can prevent the build-up of contaminants and ensure that the Life Floor installation remains attractive and slip-resistant for a long time.

Below you will find a checklist to help ensure your splash pad be a safe and fun place for your visitors:


  1. Clean Splashpad Of Dirt And Debris.

As the splash pad sits idle during a pandemic and inactive season, leaves and other debris may accumulate. Maintaining your splash pad requires clearing the debris. Make sure drains, pump strainers, and filters are clear to prevent mold and bacteria from growing and water not draining properly. Depending on the material of the splash pad choose the right product to clean it and it will make a difference.


  1. Unplug Winterizing Nozzles.

To protect the play equipment from the elements in winter, some aquatic play equipment comes with winterizing nozzles. A well-winterized sprayer will extend its life and ensure that you can quickly resume your work after spring. Winterizing your sprayer each year during late fall will make a big difference. Set aside these nozzles for use again at the end of the season.


  1. Inspect All Features For Loose Or Damaged Parts.

Since splash pads are outdoor equipment, they are at risk of weather damage, natural causes, and misuse by people if they are not enclosed. Make sure the splash pad is not damaged and contact your vendor if it is. It is also possible that damaged play features could harm children as well as prevent the splash pad from functioning properly. You should be aware that children often play on splash pads with bare feet, and broken parts can cause them to cut themselves.


  1. The Manifold And Controller Should Be Locked.

Be sure the manifold and controller are locked and cannot be accessed by children or other visitors. It will prevent damage to the equipment or injury to splash pad visitors.


  1. Install Features And Nozzles Removed During Idle Period

It is possible to remove the features of some splash pads in the winter and keep them indoors. After cleaning and removing debris from your splash pad, reinstall the features you removed for the winter.


  1. check For Leaks.

It will be impossible to detect some damage until the splash pad is functioning, such as cracks in spray features. Start the water and look for leaking or other malfunctions.


  1. Check Water Pressure From The Nozzles

Water splash pads feature spray water at a specific pressure. In addition to ensuring that the splash pad is safe and fun for children, it will also protect the equipment. The recommended level should not exceed 5pso or 34kPA for Waterplay equipment. Check the manual or contact your supplier for other equipment.


Finally Enjoy Your Splash Pad Once Again!

Once you follow these tips, your splash pad will be up and ready to be enjoyed for another season! Vortex Spain has been building play spaces for individuals and communities for a decade. With the widest selection of commercial playground equipment and aquatic play equipment available, we offer top-of-the-line equipment. You should be prepared for the upcoming seasons. If you still have questions about winterizing in general or cleaning products and techniques in particular, contact us for a complete solution. We will be delighted to help you with all your queries and requirements.

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