Cobra Commander, The Joker and Shredder Running For President In This Fun Video Series.

Cobra Commander

The presidential election is currently underway in the United States and we have some really fun mix of candidates for the presidency this time around. So if Hillary and Trump can run for president I think so can Cobra Commander, The Joker, and Shredder. Check out this hilarious series which is called Villain Elections, and it was created by the team at Aggressive Comix, who offer the following statement:

Aggressive Comix proudly brings to you villain elections 2016! Who’s platform can you get behind? Will you seek to destroy Isis with Cobra? How about ending world hunger with the Shredder? Why don’t we let each candidate tell you exactly why they are the right bad guy for the job?  Voting is open through November 8th (Election Day) and everyone will be allowed to vote below once a day. The person you have deemed winner will get a follow up video of your fav villain in the white house.  SO VOTE TODAY!

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