COD: Ghosts Devastation Gameplay Trailer

COD: Ghosts Devastation

Activision has released the new gameplay trailer for the second Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC Pack, Devastation. Call of Duty is my favorite game of all time and DLC from the game always bring new element in the game and this particular one is just brilliant with Predator in it!

Devastation brings four small to medium-sized Multiplayer maps: “Ruins,” “Behemoth,” “Collision” and “Unearthed” — which is a re-imagined version of “Dome,” the fan-favorite map from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Devastation also includes the “Ripper,” a brand new tactical 2-in-1 weapon with the unique ability to switch from SMG to AR and back on the fly, in the middle of combat.

The video also offers players a brief look at the four new multiplayer maps rolling out with Devastation: Behemoth, set in a South American excavation site; Collision exists on a container ship; Ruins; and, Unearthed, a call-back to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s Dome map.

Devastation features Mayday, the second installment of four-player co-op story mode called Extinction. The trailer offers glimpses at the monsters included in Mayday, such as the 100-foot-tall Kraken and a “insidious wall-crawling” creature known as the Seeder.

The expansion also introduces the Ripper, a new two-in-one tactical weapon which provides two different configurations: medium to short-range capability as a SMG, and medium to long-range as an assault rifle. Ghosts’ DLC season pass holders on Xbox 360 or Xbox One received access to the Ripper earlier this month.

Devastation arrives first, exclusively on Xbox Live on April 3rd. Source

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