Common Rules Every Immigrant Should Know About The US Visa

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In whatever one is doing, it is very necessary to know the rules so that one will be able to do it the right way. Immigration is not left out when talking about rules. The visa plays a vital role in immigration. It is impossible to emigrate from a country to another without a visa except in very special cases. It is compulsory for any immigrant who wants to travel to the United States for whatever reason to secure a United States visa. The United States visa has a lot of types. The various categories of United States visas depend on how much time they allow immigrants to spend in the country and the type of immigrants that can apply for them. The United States visas generally have a lot of rules guiding them which should be known by all international travelers who are planning to apply for the United States. The rules guiding the visas apply to various procedures of securing the visa and maintaining it. Apart from applying for the United States visas, a lot of international travelers who secure the United States often underrate the need for them to know the rules guiding how to live in the United States without violating their visa. Few rules guiding the United States generally at all aspects include:

Document gathering – gathering a document for interviews is not a difficult task; the intensity of gathering a document depends on the type of interview, conference, application, etc. one is gathering the document for. Before applying for a United States visa, it is important to prepare ahead for the procedures one will go through.  One of the rules guiding the United States visa implements the need for immigrants to have authentic needed documents before applying for any visa. Due to the importance of authentic and well-collated documents, it is important for immigrants to gather the documents a long time before the application to avoid any error that can jeopardize one’s chance of securing the visa during application.

Visa Application – After document gathering, the next procedure for securing a visa is to apply for the type of visa you need except in some cases. When applying for some types of visa, there are still some steps one needs to take before applying for a visa after gathering documents. A good example of these types of visas is the student visa which requires students to send the application to the school of their choice in the United States and get admitted before applying for the visa. Applying for the United States is very easy as it can be done online with a cheap visa application fee after which one will be scheduled for an interview at a further date. Immigrants who are applying for a visa under the visa waiver program are exempted from applying the same way other immigrants will apply. Immigrants under the special status programs are the immigrants that enjoy special privileges while applying for the United States visa.  A good example of immigrants under the special status programs includes the immigrants from ESTA eligible countries who are required to apply for the travel permit online after knowing their esta validation. All the immigrants from these countries need to do to know their validation is to check their Check ESTA status after which they can travel to the United States and get their visa on arrival into the country.

Interview – Screening immigrants who have applied for the United States is done through interviews at the United States embassies. Before any immigrant can go through screening at the embassy, he or she would have been assigned an interview date a long time before the interview. Contrary to the belief of a lot of international travelers that the United States visa interview is stressful, the United States visa is very easy and less time consuming as it takes less than thirty minutes for the interviewers to interview the immigrant. As an immigrant, it is important to investigate how to prepare for the United States visa interview before attending the interview.

How to receive and maintain a visa – after getting approved for the United States visa at the interview, one will be asked to wait for two weeks before coming back to get the stamped visa at the embassy. After two weeks, it is expected of the immigrant to return to the embassy to get his or her visa after which he or she can travel to the United States. After traveling to the United States, the immigrant should read the visa terms and abide by them as it is very important to do so. Knowing the visa terms will make one know the dos and don’ts in the country so as not to get into trouble with the law which can get one fine, jail term, or deportation.

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