How to communicate after a zombie apocalypse

You sit there in a heavy silence and depression thinking how you got to this point. “They’re all gone” you keep repeating in a low whisper while sitting on the sofa in the dust strewn sitting room with a shaft of light from the gap in the curtains splitting the room in two. “They were everything to me. They’re all gone.” It isn’t an easy thing moving on. After being everything for you, how can you move on? “Internet, electricity… Multiplayer, air conditioning, movies, YouTube!.. oh and my family, I guess I miss my family too.” The zombie apocalypse is upon us and there are no means of communication when with Facebook and texting it was so, so easy. The last couple of internet providers up before it all started charged 1000% during the last few months. “My lifeline at $600 a month. That’s inhumane. Cruel! We need internet. It’s a necessity and should come as a package deal when you’re born or something!”

All you have now is a HAM radio. Hardly convenient, but it has its uses… something the characters of the Walking Dead forgot during season one when they had one right before, you know, they just forgot about it. Judging on the season 4 separation, they could have used a few two-way radios. You watched that Survivorman guy live off of the land for a few days, but that was his choice, and now you don’t have a choice. You know that you have to venture outside the bliss of your house to find food and find other survivors for support… but how? How exactly can you contact other people without blind luck during the zombie apocalypse?

How to communicate after a zombie apocalypse


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