Complete Guide: Everything You Need To Start Streaming Games

Streaming Games

Streaming is online broadcasting. Streaming media refers to music, video, and information that a user receives continuously from a streaming provider. Most of the streaming market belongs to the game streaming segment, where gamers show online how they are playing video games.

However, streaming isn’t just limited to games. Today, culinary and music broadcasts, reviews of travel, beauty products, films, joint viewing of TV series, even just live conversations on a topic are in demand. In fact, you can stream anything as long as people are interested in it.

A streamer is the host of online broadcasts. When we hear “stream, streaming, or streamer,” we associate these terms with computer games. Indeed, most streamers have made their careers on game streaming. Today, we can watch even VR games streams, more and more top streaming software appears, and the income of popular streamers exceeds hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In this article, we are talking about how to start streaming games, the top streaming software, and the best streaming equipment.


Preparing for game streaming

Before you start streaming games, you need to prepare. You should clearly understand your channel, its content, target audience, choose a niche, make a plan, and decide how you will promote your channel. Let’s talk about all these in order.


  • Make a plan

You should find an interesting topic to talk about and think over your format before you start streaming games. It can be scary to go on air for the first time, but worries go away after the second time. Being able to play well isn’t a prerequisite for game streaming. The main thing is to interest the audience. Numerous streamers prepare for going live in advance, work out a plan, text, and look for interesting topics for discussion.

Be sure to think about stream timing and what communication style you will adhere to. It won’t be superfluous to think about your zest as well.


  • The target audience

Determine for yourself who your viewers are. Who will watch your game streaming? Who will criticize you? Who will consume your content? Determine for yourself what will happen if haters come to your channel. And you shouldn’t think: “I’ll decide later.” Define it right now.

To start streaming games, you need to analyze the game streaming market, analyze the potential audience and what it will be interested in. There are various techniques for this, so difficulties shouldn’t arise.


  • Niche

There is serious competition among streamers of any kind for every second of their viewers’ free time. The competition is phenomenal, and this is the first thing to think about when deciding to start streaming games. Just playing sports games and giving some comments isn’t enough. This path was worth following at the very beginning of the game streaming industry. Now this niche is completely occupied, and there is no way to breakthrough.

Therefore, stay tuned for fresh releases, accept any offers from developers, for instance, the testing of Gran Turismo 7, and focus not on showing how you play the game but on highlighting the maximum number of game aspects.


  • Promote your channel

To become popular — whether you are streaming on Twitch, YouTube, or other streaming platforms — you need an attractive idea and a lot of viewers. But even with the most ingenious idea, no one may ever know about a new streamer.

When launching a new channel, you can find yourself in a rather difficult situation when there is the idea, content, top streaming software, and even the best streaming equipment, but there are only friends and relatives among the viewers. It’s in such cases you need to promote your channel. Think over a promotion strategy in advance — targeting, cooperating with other bloggers and streamers, posts, and so on.

Game controller

Game streaming on PC or Console

If you decide, for instance, to stream on Twitch, you also need to choose whether you will be using a PC or console for game streaming. Anyone with a satisfactory internet connection can stream but need some stuff before they start streaming games.

To stream on PC, you don’t necessarily need the best and most expensive PC ever. In most cases, you can get by with older 7th and 8th Gen processors to at least get your channel running. You will also need a download speed of at least 3.5 Mbps for Full HD (1080p) streaming; for a minimum 720p stream — about 1.8 Mbps is sufficient.

As we all know, there are not only computers for games but several different platforms, including consoles and even mobile games!

If you are a PS4 and Xbox One owner, you can stream on Twitch from a console. Everything you need to do on these consoles is to install the Twitch app and get started without any additional streaming software or hardware.

Streaming Games

Top streaming software

Everything is rather simple here. Technical preparation for live streaming is no less essential than its informational part. To start streaming games, you also need to select the top streaming software. Today, some of the most popular streaming video recording services are Open Broadcaster Software and Xsplit Broadcaster.

Moreover, it has long been common to include a stream from a webcam — so that the audience can see the player. The perfect option is to place the chromakey behind so that only you are in the corner of the screen. Plus, take care of good webcam software. Also, remember, each software has its pros and cons, so it’s worth checking in advance whether it meets your individual needs.

Streaming Games

Best streaming equipment

If you decide to become a streamer, you will need the best streaming equipment as well: a strong computer, a webcam, a fast internet connection, a comfortable chair, headphones, a microphone, and so on. Let’s figure it out.


  • PC. When choosing a computer for streaming, you must rely on its technical features since you need to play and stream simultaneously.


  • Microphone. Sound quality is especially critical for perception, so it’s worth thinking about it from the very beginning. Bad sound of any kind can negatively affect your audience.


  • Headphones. Special headphones for streamers should give high-quality sound to the player, making it easier to navigate in the game and be as comfortable as possible so that the stream continues as long as needed, and you don’t have to take forced breaks.


  • Webcam. If you are confident in yourself and the quality of your content, change your camera first. It’s the basic tool for the streamer, podcaster, and video blogger, along with the microphone.


  • Comfortable chair. When we talk about the best streaming equipment, we also mean the best gaming chairs. You should feel comfortable during the game streaming — your back and other parts of the body shouldn’t hurt.


A few words

Of course, we can give more tips for streamers on how to start streaming games. However, we have tried to focus on the main details. In addition, you will need to choose a streaming platform. To stream on Twitch or create a YouTube channel is up to you. But don’t forget to promote your channel. Be sure to start a blog where you will communicate with the audience, publish stream announcements and talk about yourself.

We wish you all the best and achieve success in game streaming!

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