Conan Staffers Challenge Alec Baldwin To a Trump Off

 Alec Baldwin

On Thursday’s Conan, Alec Baldwin told Conan O’Brien that people like to come up to him on the street and show him their Donald Trump impressions.

“It’s almost like I’m the number one gunfighter in town and they are taking me on,” said Baldwin. O’Brien said his own staffers were eager to challenge the actor, who’s become Saturday Night Live‘s resident Trump impersonator, to a Trump-off.

“Had Andrew Jackson been a little later you wouldn’t have had the Civil War,” said Baldwin in his first Trump impression, referencing the president’s comments earlier this week about the war. He added, “Why could that one not have been worked out?”

Baldwin and the staffers’ competing impressions included Trump’s dessert comments and his propensity to exaggerate. “I can’t do this anymore,” Baldwin said at one point, laughing.

Then a surprise guest joined the competition: Jack McBrayer. “Finally, we have a guy who used to be a page at NBC, now he works for us. Jack, you here?” said O’Brien.


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