Concept Design Of Touch Bar Display Will Make You Fall In Love With iPhone 8

 iPhone 8


iPhone 8 rumor mill has been churning like never before. After all, it is expected to be the Apple’s best phone ever! (what a surprise)

Everyone knows that it will have a new OLED display to cover the entire front by losing that iconic home button/Touch ID. So what will replace the buttons then?

Although it is all a speculation for now, a new iPhone concept brought to us by good folks at iDropNews shows a design that forces us to get super excited, even before its launch! The pictures show how the iPhone 8 would look like with a “function area” or “touch bar” replacing the home button. This is akin to the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar, with the “function area” being turned into a virtual display that shows different buttons specific to the running application only.


For instance, the function area would show a locked phone icon when you’re trying to gain access, accept/decline button when someone is calling, playback controls for music/video apps, etc. So in essence, the entire menu bar that takes up precious screen space is moved to the “function area.”

In addition to the new display, there are rumors that the phone will come with a dual camera system on the back, which will be vertically aligned to work with the AR/VR headset. iPhone 8 is also expected to come with some wireless charging technology. Moreover, its body will be switching from aluminium to a glass back and stainless steel frame to ensure good strength and durability of the device.


iPhone 8 will be a water-proof mobile phone with stereo speakers, just like his old buddy iPhone 7. It is pointless to even think about the comeback of headphone jacks. The company is expected to announce the launch date this fall, although, the phone itself will most probably be released later this year.

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