Confirmed: Space Meteorite Used To Made King Tut’s Knife


Geekologie reports, That a dagger that was buried with King Tut (Ruler of Egypt at one time) has been confirmed to have been constructed from meteoritic iron. Woooooo Aliens in the mix! Alien conspiracy theorist will have a field day with this.

King Tut's Knife

According to the study, the blade is constructed of iron and cobalt consistent to that of meteorites that were present in the early beginnings of our solar system.

This means one of two things:

  1. Ancient Egyptians constructed weapons for royalty using fallen space rocks
  2. Tut got a gift for being the first human to make contact with an otherworldly species!

I want to believe! and I think one day it can be proved and we all can put this long asked question to rest.


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