Console Vs Desktop Gaming: Two Worlds Collide

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We’re forever finding ourselves in the middle of a debate about the future of gaming. Is it with console? Is it with PC? Is the future going mobile? It’s an answer we won’t know until it happens, although possibly one nobody saw coming.

Speaking at the Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, laid out plans that could revolutionize gaming, bringing the Xbox One and Windows 10 together.

Seeing a fusion of both web and console games could blow the industry wide open with games usually found on the web such as roulette online or even Facebook games such as Farmville brought to the next gen console, giving it an edge over mobile gaming which is creeping to the forefront.

Pushing cross-platform play, the premise is that Xbox Live will be the vessel for both Xbox and Windows play, transferring content seamlessly from friends lists to high scores.


Spencer said, “Gaming was once central to what we did on Windows, but we lost our way. Now we hope to have a Windows release that’s the best Windows release for games.”

What it means is that players can game against each other on either platform, with Spencer showcasing the technology at the California event. Showing off #IDARB, an eSports multiplayer title, the Xbox chief played between Windows and Xbox showing its simple transition.

Working via a wireless adapter that will allow Xbox controllers to work on PC in a bid to streamline the process.


It comes at a perfect time for the business and console gaming as a whole, with experts claiming that mobile gaming could take over. Spencer added, “You think about the success Sony’s having, Nvidia’s announced that they’re doing something that plugs into a TV, Valve’s got their things that plug into a TV. Three years ago, people were talking about why nobody is going to buy a dedicated game console, the death of them. Now it feels like there’s more excitement in that space than ever.”

It’s expected that bringing one core operating system to the devices will be ideal for multi-platform gaming, and is Microsoft’s commitment to providing high quality games wherever a player is, whether that be at home on Xbox Live or sat on the bus on your Windows phone.

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