This Cookie Box Takes Two People To Open It That Helps Self-Control

Cookie Box

Thijs Sondag and his buddy Gustav made this smart prototype cookie box that can only be opened with two people that help impatient cookie monsters some self-control. The box requires at least three hands to open and release the cookies. Thijs shared detailed instructions on how to make the cookie box on Google Drive and build process images on Imgur.

I have zero self-control when it comes to snacking and I often found myself on the couch, binge eating all the snacks that were in the house. I always wanted to try to build a physical thing, so I decided (together with my friend Gustav) to make a cookie box that can only be opened when you’re together with another person.

The box and the mechanism are made out of (glued) laser-cut acrylic, the lid is 3D printed and the hinges, knob and extension springs are off-the-shelf components, bought at local stores. The budget for a single box is around 30USD, if you’ve access to a 3D printer and a laser cutter. (read more)

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