Cool Skills to Learn Online While on Lockdown 

Skills to Learn Online While on Lockdown 

The global Covid-19 health pandemic has thrown a curveball, not many foresaw, or anticipated ever since they graced the magnificent planet earth. It saw increased traffic to useful sites such as the domyhomeworknow and its ilk during its onset. The aim of proving the appraisal of safety measures to adhere to.

The fact remains that most people have found themselves locked in households either in isolation, quarantine, or a lockdown in efforts to protect themselves and their families from the disease. As a result, it’s common to find yourself with more time and fewer activities to keep you busy.

Skills to Learn Online While on Lockdown  

  • Learning. It seems a little out of place but proves crucial. You have to comprehend the art of learning with all the available free time. The course tailors its content in helping you retain most of the things you study from time to time. Sounds familiar? Most people tend to forget things as soon as they learn them, and this can prove a waste of time in the grand scheme of things.
  • Drawing. You might have harbored a dream to draw someday while growing up. Since you have all the time in the world, why can’t you learn and polish your skills in the art of drawing? You can start with basic things such as animals, flowers, portraits, etc.
  • A foreign language. Most people I know yearn to at least learn one foreign language in their lifetime. Because you now have time, you can consider enrolling in a language class, whether Spanish, Mandarin, or Portuguese. Such a skill can prove useful in your career when things return to a new normal. Use apps such as Duolingo or Rosetta Stone to teach yourself a language of your choice.
  • Creative writing. Never despair on a dream, and if you had one when it comes to creative writing, then now proves your chance. Enroll in writing courses that will not only enhance your writing skill but, your speech and a unique way of perceiving stories.
  • Dancing. You can learn fresh and exciting dance moves at home from a plethora of videos from across the world. It’s possible to take part in dance challenges such as the Passport Challenge to learn diverse dancing styles from six nations.
  • Photography and editing skills. It is possible to horn your skills in photography and editing in the absence of a pro camera. All you need entails a smartphone, a laptop, and internet to learn these essential skills.
  • Calligraphy. It may sound outdated but proves popular especially when it comes to letters and wedding invitations.
  • Meditation. It comprises a useful skill in as much as most people would not consider it as one. Meditation can help you keep anxiety and stress at bay, especially during these tough times. Use meditation platforms such as Sounds True, Better Listen, among others.
  • Learn stretching and yoga basics to exercise and keep fit and lift your mood daily.
  • Coding. Skills in programming prove very marketable across the globe. So use this time to learn some computer languages.

The pandemic has shut down a lot of conventional and obvious economic activities, but on the other hand, opened opportunities for learning that you never thought possible.



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