Cool Things That You Dont Know Exist

Things you never know existed are the products which you can live without but these are the things which you can impress your friends with, Little things went a long mile and people who created them got a Creative take on simple things and made them so cool that they are a must have now .
Which one you like the best ?


Titanic Tea Infuser:

must have gadgets


The Water-Powered Jet Pack:


The Laundry Punching Bag:


Hedgehog Toothpick Holder:


An Ice Cream Cone Made out of Chocolate Chip Cookies:

Coin Box Lamp:

Dino Corn Cob Holders:


Nunchaku Table Legs:

Batman Car Seat:

Knee-High Cat Stockings:

Snoopy Ceiling Fan:

Floppy Disk Pillow:

Star Wars Pet Costumes:

Superhero Shot Glasses:

Hamburger Wallet:

Bunny Cotton Ball Dispenser:

Lobster Claw Oven Mitt:


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