Coolest Gadgets of the Week – April Edition

This HTC Dot View case offers front and back protection to help keep your HTC One (M8) cell phone safe. The interactive flip style allows you to access a wide range of features on your phone without opening the case.HTC-One-M8-Dot-View-Case-01

This multi-colored tin Pool Ball Candle Holder Set is a novel item brought to you by Bellacor. It’s bound to brighten up the room, and not just in terms of the glow from the candles. It’s a great conversation piece and gift item that will fit right into a family game room as it will in a trendy and modern bachelor pad.Kalalou-Multi-Colored-Tin-Pool-Ball-Candle-Holder-Set

The Garmin Fenix 2 is a GPS Sports Watch designed for outdoor adventurers, athletes and sundry fitness freaks. It combines all the outdoorsy and navigational assistance features of the original Fenix and adds a layer of new features that help you stick to your fitness regimen and get all the fitness metrics you need.Garmin-Fenix-2-GPS-Sports-Watch

The Playstation (PS4) DualShock Controller Light Bar Decal from FlamingToast allows you to customize your controller without leaving any permanent markings. These decal stickers simply hide the rather odd light bar of the controller, and instead show your preferred decal lit up by the light bar behind it.Playstation-PS4-DualShock-Controller-Light-Bar-Decal

The Icon 1000 Rimfire Gloves combine old-world style with bleeding-edge technology and high-end materials. The Gunn cut pattern on the gloves harks back to a bygone Wild West era where stylishly clad cowboys were not limited to the movies.


The Wooden iPhone Replacement Panels created by Richard Clarkson not only protect your precious iPhone from damage, but also make it stand out with a touch of natural wood blending in with the iconic flow of Apple’s original design.


Snappgrip gives you iPhone or Android smartphone camera controls in a battery-powered hardware controller that’s convenient and ergonomic to use. The controller functions include controls for the shutter and focus, zoom and shooting mode.


The 2Unfold Foldable Multiuse Laptop Bag from Hard Graft is just as versatile and useful as it is a finely crafted beauty made of Italian leather and premium wool felt. The fibers are custom dyed for Hard Graft, and the bag is German-made with a high-degree of perfection and durability to last as long as you want to use it.

The Jeeves Bowler Wall Light is an adorable piece of art and history combined into a functional and modern household use item. The wall-mounted black bowler hat/light is made of aluminum, felt and wool.

Would you spare some change for this Saxophonist Coin Holder from Artori every time you come back home? It’s a much better and more artsy way to collect all your spare change instead of just having it lying around on the table, or in a piggy bank or a glass jar.


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