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Playing a good round of basketball even after the lights go out at home will be real fun with this Glow in the Dark Indoor Basketball Hoop. Just like the name sounds, this whole setup is designed to give off a green glow in the dark with the sound dampening material on the back of the board minimizing noise as much as possible. Shatterproof polycarbonate has been used to construct the 1/4-scale backboard which is paired with the 9″ breakaway hoop that can withstand those tough dunks with ease.


With the Miele RX1 Scout Robotic Vacuum cleaner, you can clean up to two hours or 1,600 square feet without worrying about a recharge. The inclusion of a gyro sensor for proper direction changes and a digital ceiling camera makes cleaning precise and proper so as to keep you relaxed while your robotic vacuum cleaner cleans away all the dirt from your house.


Web conferencing now becomes even more convenient on any device across the room with this sleek aluminium device called Highfive. Once connected with your TV, power and the internet, Highfive gives you the ability to screen share your conversations in a HD video and high fidelity audio format. It enables wireless projection which will come real handy whenever you’re using a Bluetooth configured laptop during conferences or meetings.

360 fly-02

No longer will video capturing be confined to the angle you shoot it from as the future of video making steps into the life of mankind with 360fly. It’s a futuristic camera that has been designed to capture everything in 360-degree, ranging from your skiing adventures to your child’s first steps.


Compatible with both Raspberry Pi and UDOO, the Tubecore Duo Analog / Digital Media Centre is an incredible masterpiece for your musical tracks. It’s a ravishing speaker with the original Genalex Gold Lion ECC82 tube. The linearity and balance in design as well as sound qualities is what gives the speaker it’s iconic charm that will take you back in time but in a melodious way.


Considered as 35mm and 124º of awesomeness, the Polaroid Cube is undoubtedly a powerful tiny camera you could have for your photographic moments. It’s weatherproof, shockproof, mountable and everything you can imagine in between. A complete rugged build which inspite of being small, can support Micro SD up to 32GB. The built-in battery will allow you to record for a span of 90 minutes at a time.


By giving you access to all your Wink certified products, the Wink Relay – Smart Home Wall Controller is what every home would want to have in the future. The customizable home touchscreen will enable you to check information on products, time, weather, alerts, and more using one single dashboard. The proximity sensor will react to your presence whereas the temperature and humidity sensor keeps tabs on your environment.

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