Corporate Conferencing and the Video Makeover

Corporate Conferencing 

Part of the corporate climate has always been about meetings. Meetings with partners, meetings over new products, services or ideas, meetings to brainstorm, for mergers and new directions. Communication has been part of the driving force of all levels of corporate function for a long time and the truth is that this aspect of the culture isn’t going to change any time soon. Communication drives corporations and anything that motivates a company is worth keeping around. The way conferencing and communication in general is happening has changed however and where the emphasis once was on travel itineraries and sit-down meetings face-to-face, the tides have turned as technology strengthens the ability to communicate better, more effectively and more quickly over the internet.


What Makes Video Conferencing Great?

Travel is expensive and no technological advances of today have been able to change this for the better. With fuel prices high and time at a premium, even considering the expenses necessary to make a cross country trip or hop across the pond start to add up. The time away from the office and from families, the cost of accommodations, food and a vehicle or transport in an unfamiliar place, the cost of plane or train tickets or gas prices if a location is near enough to drive to, the cost multiplies significantly even for one person planning to make a trip.


Cost and Simplicity

Video conferencing changes all of that and has gotten more seamless, life-like and easy to use as technology advances. Cutting out travel automatically makes video conferencing solutions less expensive than conventional means, but with the introduction of smartphones and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) protocols, the ability to be connected from literally anywhere in the world is becoming more and more realized.

The simplicity of apps that come built into tablets and cellphones and the quality of video and voice transmissions between those apps and desktop or laptop computers helps to add another level of value to services that would originally have been covered by phone calls when travel was impossible for whatever reason. Being able to see a presenter’s body language, facial expressions and hear their tone as they provide information enriches the experience for all participants and ensures less misunderstandings.


File Sharing and Multi-point Access

Apps that allow cross-platform communication have paved the way for other technologies to share similar protocols. File sharing, which has gained significant momentum with the adoption of cloud storage solutions, is integrated into many programs meant for video conferencing. With the right security and management tools in place, the virtual conference room becomes an excellent location to share, compare and collaborate on files and projects that would otherwise need a team in direct contact with one another.

Multi-point Access means that an entire team can access the same web conference “room” to interact and share information while all participants have access to the presentations and opinions of their fellows and can collaborate in real time even from opposite sides of the globe.


Technical Support and Reliable Operations

Conventional conference systems had perhaps one perk that made them worth thinking about as the switch to cloud based and virtual conferences gained momentum and that was the lack of technical support required when gathered in person. People with presentations, print outs and ideas didn’t require the same level of technical support that new technology often does and upgrading or expanding an IT team to support newly installed technology can be expensive and frustrating.

Much of today’s video conferencing technology requires no onsite support beyond basic IT and is controlled and maintained remotely by the host providers, eliminating one more cost associated with adopting the new protocols into a company’s operations. Furthermore, these same services that provide remote service maintain the systems and operations to provide reliable, glitch free, smooth connections with high quality video and audio. Because services that are unreliable don’t last long in the corporate world, the support and maintenance of these host providers doesn’t just ensure that your technology runs the way you expect, when you expect, but also ensures that the technology is there and continues to advance.


The Big Reveal

Video conferencing has refreshed the face of the corporate conference in a number of ways, but perhaps the grandest gesture is that it has expanded the reach of corporations all over the world. No longer is collaboration limited by travel distances or bringing in specialists considered a logistical nightmare of itineraries and time zones. As a top provider of quality corporate video conferencing, BlueJeans solutions have created a global conference room to rival any physical board room or meeting hall anywhere in the world.

Along with a space that’s as large or intimate as the occasion calls for, the addition of applications that allow the sharing of information in real time as well as the ability to view and edit it within the conference means that the distance separating professionals has diminished from thousands of miles to within arm’s reach.

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