Cosplay Video Pays Tribute to Leonard Nimoy

Cosplay Video Pays Tribute to Leonard Nimoy

Sneaky Zebra have released a new cosplay video that pays homage to the late Leonard Nimoy. The cosplay featured in the video comes from several different conventions, and it’s footage that they’ve collected over the years that didn’t make it into their other videos.

Here’s a note that was included with the video that they called “Live Long”:

I wanted to do something on this channel to commemorate the passing of the great Leonard Nimoy… As soon as I heard this address I knew what I wanted to make, this video, a different style of cosplay video than we normally do!

The address from Nimoy that they are talking about is the following:

“You are the creators and the curators of your own lives. You create your own life and your work. Give us your best. Give us the best of your art. We crave it. We hunger for it. Help us to see ourselves, to know ourselves. Illuminate our lives.”

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