Cosplayer Builds Awesome Star Wars AT-AT Costume for His Elegant Horse

Star Wars AT-AT

Cosplayer Mike Corrie of Mike’s Tiny Things in Martinsville, Indiana has built a detailed Star Wars AT-AT costume for his elegant and tolerant horse Moana, so she could battle in the costume event at the 2018 World Clydesdale Show. Corrie declared that he’s worked with his horse over the course of nine months to make sure everything fit accurately and that Moana was fulfilled and happy at all times. Corrie is also looking to find funds in order to set a Guinness World’s Record with this costume.

Cosplay for Clydesdale. AT-AT costume on a 2000lbs Horse. …I’m not sure love is the right word. “Tolerates” is more accurate. She’s completely comfortable with it, but I spent months making and remaking it to make sure that was the case.

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