The Cost Of Building a Real Life AT-AT!

During my ridiculously slow commute to work this morning my mind started drifting to the best mode of transport, it started small, perhaps a motorbike?

After 10 minutes of being honked at, cut up and sworn at, my aspirations started to get bigger and maybe a bit more vindictive! My thoughts then started to turn to an FV 101 Scorpion tank, an Apache helicopter or a monster truck.

It seems like my ambitions were way too small, these guys here have been busy calculating what it would cost to build a real-life AT-AT! Yes, that’s right, a real-life AT-AT.

Turns out it won’t be cheap, but what price do you put on satisfaction? Just a word of warning, if you are in a traffic jam and see a 73 foot All Terrain Armoured Transport Vehicle coming towards you, get out the way! You wouldn’t want to see my dark side!

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