Couple Creates adorable ‘BTTF’ Engagement Photo

Couple Creates adorable 'BTTF' Engagement Photo

Alec Wells proposed to his girlfriend Katherine Canipe, he dressed up like Halloween‘s Michael Myers and scared the crap out of her. Well who won’t be freaked if they saw the future fiance as Michael Myers.

So the time came for the engagement photo, Canipe let his fiancé decide on the theme, Back To The Future theme. And what a brilliant idea they come up with.

Couple Creates adorable 'BTTF' Engagement Photo

The couple enlisted the help of photographer Ricky Middlesworth to create an amazing and unforgettable Back to the Future engagement photo with the perfect title: Here’s to the Future.

On Reddit, Canipe explained that they are both huge fans of movies and work in the industry, so it’s no surprise that the two were able to mix their favorite movies into their engagement.

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