Couple Hoodies Designed Specifically For Hugging

Together Wear

Together Wear is a new line of hoodies designed with special back pockets for chilly weather and freezing hands, Have you ever wanted to hug someone out in a freezing weather but don’t want to take your warm hands off your pockets to hug it out in freezing weather? Well this is specially designed for those situations.

According to their website:

“sharing warmth with your sweetheart.” It makes sense since Artem Glebov — professional freeskier and founder of Сhukcha clothing brand — came up with the idea for the Together Wear hoodies after falling in love.

His Kickstarter page explains that the concept behind the hoodies is, “to be closer together and to share the warmth of love while hugging,” and to, “feel as one while remaining two.”

Love is our adventure #togetherwear #love #mountains

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