Crappiest Designs According to Reddit

On Reddit, there’s a subreddit that is quite fun to look at. And with over 2.67 million subscribers, /r/CrappyDesign is quite famous one, in all of its comic sans glory.

Check out the list below of some of the most upvoted ‘crappy designs’ on the subreddit, a “best of the worst” if you will. These are in no particular order.

1. This $699 USD Apple Mac Pro Wheels Kit With No Locks


2. This packaging for bananas

Crappiest Designs

Photograph via KoldunMaster on reddit


3. His Grandparents’ Carpeted Bathroom

Crappiest Designs

Photograph via Iamwallpaper on reddit


4. Every Single Front Door at this University Dorm


5. These Stairs of Doom

Crappiest Designs

Photograph via Dis-Man-8 on reddit


6. The Packaging on This Cheese

Crappiest Designs

Photograph via naklsa444 on reddit


7. Where All the Hallways at this High School Intersect

Crappiest Designs


8. Cheers!

Photograph via CosmeBuzzanito on reddit

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