CRASH BANDICOOT 4 Gameplay Launch Trailer is Here!


Nowadays remakes and HD modifications of games have been unveiled and overall, the outcomes vary wildly. From the awesome, top tier Shadow of Colossus remake for PS4 to the badly made Contra: Rogue Corps, There are many retro gaming games that I would like to see with a modern touch and fortunately, Crash Bandicoot is a series that is being done for the fans and executed perfectly.

Crash Bandicoot 4 is a perfect example of modern retro that is solid, old school gameplay with refreshed graphics, effects, and sounds. It still has the simplistic approach and yet stellar retro gameplay, humor, animation, and the music of the original series but all those traits are put up to a modern level of quality without losing the original beauty and gameplay. Check out the gameplay trailer above.

The amazing part about these types of games is the age they transcend from, generation, and genre choice gaps. It is a great game, mostly due to gameplay, but having a modern touch is just awesome. It is awesome no matter which console you play it on, it would be the perfect gift for anyone now or during the Holiday season.

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