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Back to the Future

So, you’ve decided to put on a gig or an event of some sorts – what’s one of the most important things you’ll have to think of? The poster, of course! A good poster isn’t the be-all-end-all of your marketing, but it sure helps to spread word of mouth and generate interest in your city or town. But, it’s important to keep in mind that you’ll not be the only one with a poster on a wall or shop window. Your success could hinge greatly on how different it is from your competitors.

As these movie posters demonstrate, a beautifully-designed poster can make a huge difference in how your project is perceived. If you’re at a loss of how to design a poster for an upcoming event, then be sure to consider some of the following suggestions. They might just be what you need to break your creative drought!

Cool BACK TO THE FUTURE Trilogy Fan Art 

Ditch black or white backgrounds

We’re not just talking about using color backgrounds, but fluorescent color backgrounds. A fluorescent green or yellow poster with black font placed on top is nothing but eye-catching. Because the colors will be so vibrant and intense, your text can be as minimal as possible, so the eyes aren’t overworked. If you want to know the current color options when it comes to fluorescent posters, it’s worth seeing what a place like Saxoprint is offering when it comes to poster printing, as we spotted some nice designs in their range.



Who says every poster for your event needs to be the same? One idea is to make a series of themed posters of different images. For example, if you’re putting on a garden festival, you could have four types of posters which each have their own flower motif (rose, tulip, lily, daisy, etc.). The concept is to make some form of collection, as magazines have been known to release varying designs of monthly issues to good effect.


Less is more

This one is a bit daring, but it’s an idea that revolves around people being fascinated by mystery. Something as basic as white text on a black background could work if the poster has a simple phrase like: ‘Spring is coming’ (if we go back to the garden festival example). The poster could then just provide a website link at the bottom, and it’s up to the person to discover more info. As we said, it’s bold, but people can enjoy something a bit cryptic and makes them want the answer, rather than just information. Back in 1999, The Matrix film had a brilliant campaign that revolved around limited material but just kept asking the question: ‘What is the Matrix?’, which naturally drew intrigue from the public.

Back To The Future art


Finally, your poster could even be a photo of something that is completely DIY. Take inspiration from artist Russell Powell, who paints portraits on his own hand, then presses down the finished product onto a canvas – creating a unique and captivating image that is hard to replicate. If we stick with the garden festival theme, one idea could be to create words using actual flowers and then photographing that for your poster.

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