Creators Of Netflix’s THE OA Finally Speak Out About Controversial Ending

Netflix's OA

I was really itching to title this post ‘Creators Of Netflix’s THE OA Finally Speak Out About Idiotic Ending.’ Even copying the above Stranger Things shot didn’t save the show.

This is the first show in modern times which I hated to binge and it really seems I wasted a lot of time on this show and on it’s web of lies.

The OA is the latest series from Netflix and the show takes you on a journey and then abruptly ends with a “huh?” that will at the very least confuse you, first few episodes will glue you to your sofa but later on just like American Horror Story: Roanoke will make you kill yourself. THR got a chance to interview the show’s creators and get a better explanation of the show’s ending, so if you haven’t watched it yet…

I was taken on an immense science fiction journey that ended on a religious note? Or was it still sci-fi? Maybe it was the ramblings of a crazy person? I’m sure my thoughts echoed yours, and it doesn’t look like our answer will be as concrete as we would’ve liked.

Brit Marling offers the following…

“What I feel is that your job as a storyteller just to, in that moment as best as you know how, try to tell a legible story. And each time, hopefully get a little bit better at making it legible, and the response is up to the audience. I feel all responses are fair game. Some of the things that have moved me the most in the world are things that other people have not been moved by at all.”

Okay, I won’t lie, I felt betrayed by the ending. Well if the overall goal was to get me invested in a silly story, they succeeded. I think this was the point of the whole show to let you sit there for hours and waste your time on this silly show, and later explain (with very bad explanations) why they wasted your time.

And one more thing.. I HATE THAT BLOODY DANCE!

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