Creepy Preview of the Forthcoming Horror Film BUNKER, Set in World War I


If you’re a fan of horror movies and historical fiction, Bunker may be right up your alley. Set during World War I, this movie follows a group of American and British soldiers who find themselves trapped in a bunker with a German POW after being ambushed by the enemy. As they try to survive and figure out their next move, they discover that something even more sinister is lurking in the dark corners of the underground shelter.

Directed by Adrian Langley and written by Michael Huntsman, Bunker boasts a talented cast that includes Luke Baines, Kayla Radomski, Sean Cullen, Roger Clark, Julian Feder, Eddie Ramos, and Patrick Moltane as the intense and unpredictable Lieutenant Turner. Fans of video games may recognize Clark’s name from his performance capture work in the hit game Red Dead Redemption II.

While the premise of soldiers being trapped in a haunted bunker may seem like a familiar trope, Bunker promises to deliver a unique and terrifying twist on the genre. The film’s trailer and new clip showcase some of the spine-tingling scares and tense moments that audiences can expect when they watch it in theaters.

Of course, with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic still affecting movie theaters and audiences worldwide, it’s important to take necessary safety precautions if you plan on seeing Bunker on the big screen. But if you’re a horror fan who’s been waiting for a new and exciting take on the genre, this film is definitely worth checking out.

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