Creepy Stop-Motion Horror Short Film: “Everybody Goes to the Hospital”


Prepare yourself for an unsettling stop-motion animated short film titled “Everybody Goes to the Hospital.” This eerie film follows the journey of Little Mata, a 4-year-old girl taken to the hospital in late 1963 due to appendicitis. Based on a true story, writer and director Tiffany Kimmel, drawing inspiration from her own mother’s experience, delves into the realms of physical, psychological, and familial trauma.

Kimmel aimed to capture the story’s storybook-like quality, reflecting the unprocessed nature of her mother’s childhood recollection, akin to a traumatic fairytale. With this film, Kimmel seeks to serve as a cautionary tale, urging others to believe their children and remain close in times of need. If hospitals give you the creeps, be warned that watching this short film may further intensify your unease.

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