Cut and Polished Chinga Meteorite

Chinga Meteorite

Seen here is a 773 gram polished Chinga meteorite. The quarter-cut specimen was found in Turvinskaya, Russia and has been cut and polished on two sides. The rest of the meteorite retains its natural light brown crust, creating a dramatic contrast. This particular specimen, which was offered by Arizona Skies Meteorites has been sold, but more of this meteorite can be found online.

The Chinga meteorite is an iron meteorite and its total chemical composition is: 82.8% iron, 16.6% nickel, and the rest mostly cobalt and phosphorus. Fragments of the meteorite were found in 1913 by gold diggers in Tuva near the Chinge River after which it is named. [source]

[Arizona Skies Meteorites via Proteon on reddit]


Chinga Meteorite

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