Cute Pixel Art That Interacts With The Surroundings By Artist Johan Karlgren

Cute Pixel Art

I have to say these are some of the best street art I have seen in a while, these cute little artworks feature all the iconic scenes and characters from the hit movies and shows, this special and smart art is created by Swedish artist Johan Karlgren who adds fun pixel art that also interacts with the surroundings. Furthermore, you just can’t ignore when digital elements such as pixelated characters are brought to life in the world.

Street art has truly energized some of the dullest places. Apparently, the public enjoys the colorful art installations that are more stunning artworks than vandalism. Different street artists around the world have successfully liven up several bland cities by changing mundane urban objects into entertaining characters. Instead of paint, Karlgren uses a special medium to create pixelated characters. He crafts 8-bit styled pixel figures all over the streets of Sweden.

Source: Instagram

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