Daniel Radcliffe Discusses IGOR

Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe is playing IGOR in the upcoming Frankenstein, The actor recently did an interview with XM Radio, and discussed his role in the movie:

“[Landis] taken the mythologies that we all think we know — we have this idea of a monster and a crazy scientist and kind of a hunchbacked assistant — but we don’t really know where all these parts came from.”

Radcliffe goes on to talk about the major difference that you’ll see in the movie, and one of many things that screenwriter Max Landis has brought to the table,

“I think what Max has done with this is first of all he’s given Igor a backstory which you never really see before. And so, that’s I think one of the biggest differences is that you’ll finally see him granted a life and a backstory and it’s about these two young guys at the forefront of science.”


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