Daniel Radcliffe in FRANKENSTEIN Reboot


Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is in final discussions to portray Igor in 20th Century Fox’s Frankenstein reboot. Yet another reboot with a great cast we love Daniel in the Woman in Black and waiting for Woman In Black 2, He actually proves that he is more than Harry Potter which is a hard thing to prove after doing one character all his life and to break the spell of harry potter he had to work hard and we were amazed to see that he actually did just that.

Like Leonardo did after the epic role in Titanic which seems harder at that time that he can ever break the spell of the romantic hero Halo from his head but he did well in a lot of movie’s our absolute favorites was Body Of Lies, Blood Diamond, and Django Unchained.

The movie is described as being a sci-fi take on the original Mary Shelley story, which focuses on themes of friendship and redemption. In a previous interview, Landis went into a bit more detail revealing that it will be a period piece told from the perspective of the character Igor, and all the interesting misconceptions surrounding the mythology of the story and character. The movie will also explore where Igor came from, and if Victor Frankenstein was actually a doctor or a dropout. It’s also said to be a tale of friendship and redemption.

The hunchback character Igor is described as being pathologically dirty and dressed in old clown’s clothing. I’m actually looking forward to seeing Radcliffe as this character, I’m sure he’ll end up giving a great performance!

Since wrapping up the Harry Potter franchise in 2011, Daniel Radcliffe has starred in a wide variety of projects. He was last seen in 2012’s The Woman in Black, and stars in upcoming films such as Horns and Kill Your Darlings.

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