Dark Narrative Title EDENGATE: THE EDGE OF LIFE Out Now

EDENGATE: The Edge of Life

Indie developer and publisher HOOK have revealed the release of their dark narrative adventure EDENGATE: The Edge of Life.

EDENGATE: The Edge of Life stars Mia Lorenson, a young and talented biologist. Mia wakes up one day in a deserted hospital, with no memory of how she got there. From the deserted items and trolleys, it appears as if everyone left in a rush. Venturing outside, she finds herself in the middle of the apparently-abandoned city of Eden gate. It soon becomes clear that something horrible has happened, and it’s possible that Mia has something to do with it.

Players will need to examine and investigate this now-desolate place, searching for answers and deciphering puzzles to learn why Mia is all alone.

EDENGATE: The Edge of Life has been developed with the talents of Matthew Seiji Burns, writer, and director of the acclaimed visual novel Eliza. It also brings the musical talents of Laryssa Okada, composer for Manifold Garden.

The game promises a dark and moving narrative experience, with meaningful options throughout that will have a significant impact on events.

EDENGATE: The Edge of Life, is currently available on Playstation 4, and PC via Steam. An Xbox One version has also been announced, release date is not revealed so far.

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