DayZ Zombie Survival Game Arrives on PlayStation 4


After four years of delays and wait since it was originally announced for the PlayStation, Bohemia Interactive has today officially launched the multiplayer zombie survival shooter DayZ on the PlayStation 4.

DayZ is available to buy and download directly from the PlayStation Store and is priced at £39.99 to $49.99.

“DayZ is a persistent, 60-player online survival game, but when you immerse yourself into Chernarus, everything immediately feels disturbingly real. The fear of other survivors, the growling sounds of the infected, and the looming danger of permadeath makes you behave like you were actually there, surviving the apocalypse.”

“Chernarus has once been a popular tourist destination. Now it’s a post-apocalyptic wasteland struck by an unknown epidemic – and you’re one of the survivors immune to the virus, desperately trying to make it through another day. We’re excited to introduce you to the authentic open world of DayZ – available today on PlayStation 4 in our most complete release so far! Get a quick intro to the gloomy, post-apocalyptic country of Chernarus from the trailers.”

“When society falls, it brings out both the worst and the best of mankind. In DayZ, we give players the ways and means to demonstrate what we’re capable of as human beings when following our basic survival instinct. There are all the ugly things of course (have you been force-fed a disinfectant spray before?), but at the same time, DayZ players can forge true friendships, or restore your faith in humanity through random acts of kindness.”

Head to PlayStation Blog for more information on the DayZ.

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