D&D Dice Collecting: A Guide to Keeping Your Hoard

D&D Dice

Swords and sorcery might work in Faerûn, but dice are the weapons of the D&D player.

Yet even a weapon can be beautiful, and dice are no exception. Most long-term D&D players accrue a small hoard of paraphernalia, but dice remain the stars of the show and are a popular item to show off.

If you’re getting serious about collecting D&D dice, here’s a simple guide to collecting, cleaning, and presenting them.


Roll for Initiative

While many D&D players might assemble an accidental hoard of dice for practical uses, you might want to be more careful if your dice do double-duty as display pieces.

For instance, you should think about setting your more collectible or display-friendly dice apart from those you use to game.

You might choose your nice dice for occasional play, but, much like breaking out the fine china, they’re best used for special occasions. Perhaps for that BBEG that has been hounding your party for years!

So keep a utilitarian set of dice nearby for those grab-and-go games. Plastic or metal dice with simple designs are best for this.


Choosing the right materials for your snazzy dice is key.

Most D&D dice are simple plastic. You can opt for translucent plastic dice if you’re feeling flirty, but they’re still pretty basic as options go.

More serious collectors opt for some common prestige materials, such as:

  • Resin
  • Metal alloys
  • Stone
  • Wood (treated or untreated)

Designs range from the simple and classic to the wholly elaborate, like elven or dwarven styles. Be sure to find your style.


Bardic Inspiration

If you’re going to the trouble of collecting the coolest dice on the Material Plane, you’ll want to show them off with the kind of style to make a bard blush.

Much like displaying custom challenge coins or other collectibles, there are hundreds of ways to display your dice.

Dice display racks offer some of the simplest. But D&D players, unsurprisingly, have powerful imaginations. You can also display your dice in potion vials, plush cases, on pillows—the options are endless.

Spend some time finding the display method that suits your personal idiom to really show off your D&D personality.


Gelatinous Cube

If you’ve gone to all the trouble of collecting and displaying your dice, you’ll want to keep them looking pristine. For your basic plastic die, this is as simple as a wipe clean.

You’ll need to be more careful with other materials that aren’t as tolerant as plastic. Metal dice should be kept dry, for example. In most cases, a quick wipe with soap and water will clean most dice.

Avoid cleaning with intense heat, as this could damage the design on a die—a critical failure for the display-minded. Treated wooden dice will be hardy enough to endure most cleaning but go easy on the moisture with untreated wood.


Gathering Your D&D Dice Hoard

These tips should help you assemble and tend to a D&D dice hoard worthy of Tiamat herself. And hey, maybe it’ll even help you play the game!

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