Dead Space Remake New Patch Will Resolve The Graphical Problems

Dead Space

Dead Space remake Developers have officially confirmed that the studio will be fixing the game’s graphic issues.

The 2023 version of the horror game came as a fresh new addition to this year’s slate of games. The Dead Space remake shipped with some notable new additions from the original, including giving a voice to Isaac Clarke, the game’s protagonist. Fans have already praised EA Motive’s work, particularly over fine details like the improved detailing on Isaac’s suit and how the protagonist interacts in specific situations.

Digital Foundry’s John Linneman pointed out one of the game’s problems with how it takes on variable rate shading (VRS) on both the PS5 and PC. According to John, “VRS causes shadowed regions to basically lose most of their detail,” even though the actual resolution may be higher in Dead Space. Now it appears Motive may be patching the problem on both platforms. An official reply from the developers on Reddit claimed that the team is working on a toggle to turn off VRS on PC as well as its graphical issue on the PS5. However, the studio is yet to specify an ETA for the updates.

VRS isn’t the singular issue technical issue. One benchmark test reveals that EA Motive’s remake labors to hit 60fps even with a new Nvidia RTX 4090 and that comparatively, The Callisto Protocol runs smoother than the new Dead Space. Though it should be noted that the tester also believed the game does run better after the intro sequence.

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