DEADPOOL Owns the Box Office and It Keeps On Breaking Records 


Deadpool completely destroyed the box office this weekend breaking all records. Fox avoided making this film for YEARS! and now it is breaking records! There are even rumors that Ryan Reynolds actually leaked the test footage of the movie to get the ball rolling, ok he said it himself.

Deadpool pulled in over $260 million worldwide. It made around $125 million internationally and $135 million domestically. That makes it one the biggest R-rated openings ever, surpassing The Matrix Reloaded‘s $91.7 million. It also now claims the record for largest R-rated comic book movie opening ever, previously held by Zack Snyder‘s 300, which made $70.8 million on its opening weekend. Deadpool also takes the top spot for the 20th Century Fox’s biggest opening, beating Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, which made $108.4 million.

Scrooge McDuck

The Deadpool team managed to pull this off on a $58 million budget and lots of creativity for this much investment the profits are huge. I am sure producers are building a vault like Scrooge McDuck to store all the cash. Deadpool sequel got the green light and ball is in motion as we speak.

DEADPOOL Mondo Posters

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