Deadside Tips & Tactics! Get Better At This New Survival Game


Have you checked out the new Deadside survival game? If not, you are missing out on the hottest release of the season. It comes with a multiplayer shooter game that will immerse you into the grim setting of a post-apocalyptic world. The most exciting part is that it is totally different from the usual zombies or anomalies that you must have gotten bored of by now. 

If you want to have some actual experience of realistic aspects of life while also being stuck with an amazing game, deadside cheats are just the right choice for you! And if you are planning to master this Deadside survival game, then just dive into these pro tips without any further redo.


How to Start Off

Starting the game, you will spawn in one of the random respawn points the developers have set across the map. You will have your basic clothes and will have to spawn with little to no slots, a knife, and a lighter. These are the most significant essentials to survive in DeadSide. In the game, the player will have to loot, kill, store and repeat. This is the motto as of now. So you need to get out there and find some loot and just have fun!


Go heavy on Loots

Continuing with the previous point, loot any and all houses as much as possible and exchange your pants with four inventory slots to maximize loot carry. Tear the old pants by looking at them and pressing G. You can use the inventory by right-clicking and tearing it up. The new rags are a way for you to heal yourself in case you get hurt. You just have to quickly slot them! Right-Click and Quickslot that sucker!


Use your weapon to kill scavengers

Keep your pistols where the knife slot is. Shotguns/Rifles/Submachine guns go into the upper and lower weapon slot. You can locate it by the AK and the Axe symbol. As you can not wear Armor and a Vest like a hunter’s vest, so be sure to kill a scavenger as soon as possible. They will absolutely destroy you at any range because they are highly aggressive. So, if you want to continue playing ahead, killing scavengers is a must. 


Know about the Safe zones

Safe zones are very important. In the safe zones, one can store their high-value loot or even their money. The money being talked about is obtained by looting NPCs or selling some items at the trader in the safe zone. In the safe zone, there are two traders. First is the trader of essentials such as food, water, and other is of resources (ammunition, weapons, and clothing). You should trade your items to the correct vendor when selling them to NPC traders. This will ensure that you receive your money.


Take part in Missions

Missions in DeadSide are equally fun, scary, and challenging. There will be other players too who will try to kill you for your loot. Some missions even include supply crates and PVP/PvE missions.



Making Friends and Squads 

After making and meeting new friends in Deadside, walk towards them and press the use key (Default: F) if you see the need to add them to the squad. They need to accept it (Default: F5), for you to be able to see their Gamertags above their Player Models.

  When you leave and rejoin the server, you will have to rejoin the squad as well. Your Squadmates can also become active on your base doors when you are in a Squad. To leave your squad, you should open your map (Default: M); top right, there is a squad tab and a Leave Squad button.




Deadside is still a relatively new game but is growing popular amongst gamers day by day. If you are new to this exciting gaming world, make sure to check out our tips, they will surely help you master the world of Deadside. For more such interesting posts, stay updated on our site. 

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