DeepFakes are Creepy and Bill Hader is the Perfect Subject


Deepfake‘ is a technology that uses machine learning AI to “add and superimpose existing images and videos onto source photos or videos using a technique known as generative adversarial network“. [source]

This is same as ‘face swap for video’, with applications ranging from the banal and harmless to malicious and dangerous.

To get to know the technology, check out the videos below by Ctrl Shift Space, who uses deepfake technology to make videos for entertainment but to also raise awareness that you can’t believe everything you see online. People know images can be engineered, and now video can with quite easily.

In the videos below, we see comedian and actor Bill Hader on different talk shows doing his impersonations of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Al Pacino, and Tom Cruise. Only this time, deepfake technology has been used to subtly superimpose the actors he’s impersonating onto Hader’s own face while he does the impersonation. The result is simply brilliant, check it out below.

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