The DeLorean is Coming Back in 2017

The DeLorean 2017

DeLorean is must be the most iconic car in the world and it is the most recognized anywhere, which was made famous by the Back to the Future films.

After 35 years, the DeLorean is coming back into the production. Wynne and DeLorean Motors are actually going back into production! New version isn’t going to have a new modern updated design. They’re using the same exact design of the classic 1982 car. CEO Stephen Wynne told KPRC:

“It’s fantastic. It’s a game-changer for us. We’ve been wanting this to happen.”

Wynne and DeLorean Motors will manufacture the cars in America for the first time, and they plan on building about 300 new cars, which will retail for around $100,000. They will be coming in 2017, and the car will have 300-400 horsepower.

For more information and details regarding the car and its specs, click here.


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