Despicable Me 2 Trailer

despicable me 2

The first one was an unexpected surprise – it had a terrible teaser, but the movie itself felt like the sort of thing a classic cartoon should be, like two polar opposite versions of Wile E. Coyote fighting each other while additional complications got thrown at them from the periphery.

Universal realized a bit late how marketable the Minion characters were, but now that they know full well, there was a danger they’d be the whole show here. Based on this new footage, though, it looks like things are well-balanced, with Gru and his insane weapons and goofy-cute foster kids just as fun (the Minions are getting their own spin-off movie, after all).

despicable me 2

Watch it and decide for yourself. And in yet more evidence that everything which once terrified parents eventually becomes kid-safe…yes, that’s an Eminem song. Still no indication of Al Pacino’s villain performance, so I guess that’s a big reveal they’re saving.

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