DESTINY 2’s “Trials Of Osiris” Trailer is Here


“Trials of Osiris” is coming soon. It will start on March 13th. In this trailer, a lot of things have shown. Check out the video from xHOUNDISHx who will explain along with his explanation of the Director’s Cut that was recently released.

The armor looks astonishing. The weapons look exceptional, especially that Rasputin sword from the Season of the Worthy. I think that the return of pinnacle PVP content is overdue. I’d rather it come back late, but good, instead of soon and bad. The matches will be power enabled, which is reasonable for this activity is an end-game level PVP mode. Also, matchmaking will be based on connection and card-state matchmaking. This means that your team will compete against players who have won or lost around the same amount of rounds as you have, making those last several wins very intense and high stakes for all players.


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