Details of Alternate Ending For BRIGHTBURN and How The Movie Can Get a Sequel


The James Gunn-produced horror thriller Brightburn was released and it is incredible and I simply loved it and want to watch the sequel of it.

The creative team did a fabulous job bringing their story to life and some of the scares are superb.

During a recent interview with /Film, screenwriters Brian and Mark Gunn, shared some details on an alternate ending for the movie that they came up with, and also discussed possible sequel plans.

Spoilers ahead:

During the end of the movie, Tori Breyer (Elizabeth Banks), the woman who raised the villainous alien Brandon (Jackson A. Dunn), tries to use a piece of the ship he fell to Earth in to kill him. That is the only substance that is able to penetrate his skin. This attempt to kill him doesn’t work, though, and he ends up grabbing her flying her up into the sky and dropping her to her death.

Brian revealed that in the original screenplay, Tori actually succeeded in stopping Brandon saying, “In our original draft, the mother, Tori, was victorious. She killed her son and then I think we all kinda realized the movie is about the kid. He has to survive. We all thought it was more shocking for him to win.”

Yeah, it clearly is more shocking, but I was hoping that she would put an end to Brandon’s super-powered murder rampage. But, they wanted to keep the movie open for a sequel and keep that murder spree running.

When it comes to that sequel, the future stories were set up by Michael Rooker, who jumped up as a conspiracy theorist during the credits. During that sequence, he was going off about other supervillains who are going to terrorize the world. Mark went on to say:

“Michael Rooker character is a conspiracy guy and he talks about how there are these other supervillains out there terrorizing the world, that they’re all of a piece with Brandon and that the world needs to get its act together and stop them before we all die.”

Some of the villains that Rooker described sounded like they were based on other popular heroes like Aquaman and Wonder Woman. Mark added:

“There may have been some similarities between the characters he was describing and other popular movie characters, but again we like the idea of a universe where your expectations of certain superhero tropes are subverted.”

It’ll be exciting to see where the story goes for the next movie. Since this first movie was set in a little town, I think the sequel would take place in a big city.

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